My name is Tomaž Prevodnik. By profession I am an Electrical Engineer.

For many years I have dealt with the design of electrical installations, but now in recent days I'm mainly engaged in creation and design of websites, web graphics and programming.

Shine On
by TP - Tomaž Prevodnik
EUrope, SLOvenia
(+386) 031 726 480

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I produce and develop fixed and responsive websites by using CSS design frameworks like Bootstrap.

I use scripting language JavaScript (jQuery/Ajax), and especially programming language PHP.

I also work with systems for content management like Joomla and WordPress.

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By using the graphical tool Inkscape I produce different web graphics, logos, advertising messages, avatars and icons of various kinds.

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Sometimes I draw something for my soul too. I like draw cartoon characters, and I also like to play tricks with the web design.

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